Au Pair in China - Training Center


The completion of the training center is mandatory. This is simply because Mandarin School wants not only to offer the best quality and service to you, but also to the host families. The purpose of the training center is to raise your awareness of the Chinese culture and education of children. It will provide you with common methods for playful parenting. You are going to take care of Chinese children under the supervision of professional caregivers. The duration of the au pair intensive training depends on your skills and needs. Usually it takes 4-7 days, but can also be extended individually if wanted.

What you will learn at the training center:

  • How should I interact within a Chinese family?
  • How do Chinese children behave?
  • What are typical Chinese habits and what is considered to be rude?
  • How can I make myself understood by Chinese children and how to relate to them?
  • How to teach Chinese children English?


You should consider this training course as a unique opportunity to prepare you for your stay in China and please, never be afraid to ask questions. Why do you have to take part even if you are experienced in child care? Quite simple, because Chinese every day habits will differ for sure from those of your home country, e.g. taking lunch often already before noon or drinking warm water. This course is meant to give you orientation and to prevent you from making the most common mistakes.

After completion of the intensive training, you will finally move in with your host family and attend your language classes at the university. If your host family lives in another city than Beijing, we will arrange for you to get there.